Site assembled metal cladding is built-up on-site with an inner white lining panel, fixed to purlins or rails, a cavity support bar system used to separate the inner and outer profiled sheet, and mineral fibre or glass wool insulation laid in the cavity.

Outer Sheets

The outer sheet has a high performance decorative coloured finish commonly plastisol. Profiled sheets with Corus HPS200ultra plastisol finishes carry a manufacturers warranty of up to 40 years.

Crimp curved and pre-curved profiled sheets are also available.

These systems are used on new industrial and commercial buildings, or for refurbishment when an economical solution for roof pitches greater than or equal to 5º is required.

Wall Systems

Wall systems are built-up in the same manner, with the outer profiled sheet being fixed vertically or horizontally, and with the necessary modifications, can be used to provide a Firewall for boundary conditions.

Profiled corners are available to suit the designed aesthetics.


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